Aluminum boats have always been the best solution to have a practical boat which requires almost no maintenance and at a good price.

Its over 30 years that we are seeing used aluminum boats being sold as second and third hand boats, this suggests  that these boats are quite solid. However previously several aluminum boats were built with rivets which is mechanically not as strong as welding. Today we have the new models which are completely welded and this means we might see them for the next 50 years.

If  we consider small boats we have two major productive techniques. The first is the rivet boat which is held together by rivets and the second type is the fully welded boat. The major difference is the higher resistance to impact of a welded region rather than the rivet one. Some boats have adopted a mix in the two technologies but nevertheless the rivets remain a point of weakness. In addition the welding of reinforcement bars internally has allowed the use of the same aluminum alloy reducing to minimum the galvanic corrosion in sea water.

Since 7 years we import aluminum boats and recently the creation of the new company Alluboats has allowed us to introduce the new range of fully welded boats called ALASKA. We have also focused on giving a wider range of structural accessories which previously were  not available.

We must  however thank the tight relationship between ourselves and our customers which often have helped us in improving the product to the present level of quality.