Alaska 390 S

The Alaska 390  S is an optimal transition between the Alaska 370 S and 435 S. This boat is completely welded with no rivets. The aluminum is thicker and the reinforcements  go up to the hand rail reducing its torsion during navigation. The hand rail has been made rectangular in order to simplify the application of standard accessories found in the market. The seat waterproof mat  allows a good insulation from the benches metal. The anti-skid floor strips makes the floor less slippery under rainy conditions. Practically we have a model that has increased stability and space compared to the Alaska 370 S model and not as huge as the Alaska 435 S model.

I like to think of the Alaska S series as to the next evolutionary step of the classical rivet or rivet/welded aluminum boat.

Technical details

Lenght3.90 mt
Width1.55 mt
Sides0.65 mt
Weight80 kg
Aluminium th2.0 a 3.0 mm

Certification CE – 4 people + engine max 20 HP class C