Alaska 435 S

The Alaska 435 S series is a larger version of the Alaska 390 S and has been conceived to carry more people and to have more space. This boat has been built with no rivets and with reinforcements that reach the upper sides of the boat. For this model you need a road trolley or a place in water where to keep it The upper edges are rectangular and smooth adapted to simplify the application of any accessory. It has seat mats and anti-skid bottom stripes which alows its use in the roughest conditions. Te sides are taller and the boat is wider increasing notably its stability.

Technical details

Lenght4.35 mt
Width1.60 mt
Sides0.70 mt
Weight95 kg
Aluminum th.2.0 a 3.0 mm

Certification CE – 5 people + engine max 25 HP class D