Alaska 350 B Compact

The Alaska 350 B model is a supercompact boat conceived for best transportability on the  roof rack. It has been built with a thinner aluminium reduced reinforcements applied with rivets in order to make it the lighter possible. The result is a very light handy aluminium boat which can be easily handled by one person and also an increased stability due to its higher sides.

Together with the  Alaska 350 B compact we suggest the boat loading pack which alows you to load the boat on your roof rack alone. We have conceived the Alaska 350 B Explorer  pack  to a very competitive price.

This is the best solution to be indipendet solitary fishermen not giving away your secret fishing spots.

Technical details

Lenght3.50 mt
Width1.45 mt
Sides0.55 mt
Weight43 kg
Aluminium th.1.2 a 1.7 mm

Certified CE – 4 people + engine max 10 HP class C